Not exactly “quick smart”…

Been a while… woops! My bad.

I’ve been asked why there are no pictures of furniture, the simple answer is there is no furniture (well very little, or otherwise not the right furniture). But – what little there is I’ll picture fest for you.

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long:

The kitchen – waiting on pendant lights to be fitted:
Moved in 2013-07-13 005

Dining area – waiting for a table (e.t.a. end July) and picture to be hung:
Moved in 2013-07-13 007

Living Room – waiting for sofa, chairs and lamp (e.t.a. mid August):
Moved in 2013-07-13 010

Theatre – waiting for the telly to be mounted:
Moved in 2013-07-13 001

Coffee Shrine:
Moved in 2013-07-13 023

Our bedroom – with designer window dressings (e.t.a. on plantation shutters end July)
Moved in 2013-07-13 026

Note my “Princess and the Pea” bed. Pregnancy seems to require a minimum of seven pillows it would seem.

Spare bedroom – equally delightful window dressings and wrong coloured bed:
Moved in 2013-07-13 019

Nursery – waiting on shelves to be hung:
Moved in 2013-07-13 018

Moved in 2013-07-13 013

Decking – waiting for pool fence (e.t.a. next Tuesday) and paving (e.t.a. unknown):
decking 2013-06-15 002

At night:
2013-06-14 pool 010

Our New Home

We’ve moved in!

There’s so much to tell and show you…..

  • finished timber floors
  • carpets
  • air con – finally!
  • nursery ceiling disaster (a present from the air con folk!)
  • timber decking
  • side fence
  • storm drain issue
  • fancy garage flooring

….and of course lots and lots of boxes.

2013-05-30 010
So I’d best get organised with my photos and get back here quick smart….

More timber beauty

The flooring installation finished yesterday. It’s just so stunning already; once it’s all cleaned and polished I don’t think I’ll be able to take my eyes off it.

Flooring 2013-05-10 013

Flooring 2013-05-10 030

Flooring 2013-05-10 028

Flooring 2013-05-10 023

Love it!

We have a quiet week ahead; the builders only have a couple of small things to resolve, the wood just has to acclimatise, the pool electrician may come back to hook up the pump, but apart from that we don’t have anything else scheduled. After last week (with additional air con drama that’s too much to go into just now) I think we rather deserve an easy one.


Back as promised to tell the tale of how Tuesday’s key excitement was almost completely overshadowed by the weather and ensuing pool chaos.

The digging was scheduled to start on Monday morning and knowing the ridiculous hardness of the clay soil, we were completely unprepared to see this sight so soon by the end of the day:
2013-05-06 003

A pool!

So quick.

And so big! (eeeeeek!)

The punchline was slightly less exciting. Perth had a severe weather warning the next day and a forecast of rain for the rest of the week. Not only had the pool people had to dismantle all the storm drainage at the back of the house, but they warned us we’d need to get water in the pool and fast, or else the rain would risk floating the pool, flooding the un-filled hole and generally doing a whole heap of damage. Of course you can’t actually fill a pool full of water until appropriate safety fences are in place… something I had thought we’d have plenty of time to organise.

So Tuesday morning consisted of a frantic set of calls (all by P – my lifesaver) to find a plumber, a temporary pool fence, and get the tap running!
Pool 2013-05-07 010

Success! By the time the storm hit that night, the drainage was reinstated and the pool had about 20cm of water in it. Disaster averted.

However all this was on top of the other big doozy that day. It was only when the guys started pegging out the pool ready for the dig that we discovered the measurements we’d been given and the scale drawing on the council-accepted plan all referred to the inner water-line dimensions and not actually the outside of the pool. It didn’t fit. There was no space left for the pool fence that’s required by regulations to be situated between pool and the french doors… or at least not in a straight line.

Pool 2013-05-09 008

Time to get the pool fence folk back on site to re-plan. We don’t like to do anything the easy way 😉

Today the pump plumbing was installed and the holes all back-filled:
Pool 2013-05-09 002

It’s all starting to come together. We’d best get a move on to think about how we’re going to landscape around it now.

Tomorrow the timber floor people return to finish off initial installation. They’d had to stay away for the last couple of days while the window company were busy fixing the messy, lopsided alfresco door trimmings that the timber will butt alongside. We’re very pleased to report that this and many of the other PCI items have since been fixed and there’s only a couple of minor things left for the builder to do.

Almost a year since construction began, it’s practically done and most exciting of all – we have the keys of course.


We were so excited about our timber flooring we actually ordered it while the house was still a block of mud wilderness, long before a single brick was laid, in fact long before we even had planning permission.

Yesterday it was finally delivered:
Timber Flooring 2013-05-02 001

And today installation started:
Timber Flooring 2013-05-03 001

It’s mucky, un-sanded and un-polished, yet still utterly gorgeous! So worth the wait.
Timber Flooring 2013-05-03 013

Installation should be finished by Tuesday and then it’s left to acclimatise for a week or so before being buffed and finished.
Timber Flooring 2013-05-03 007

In the meantime, various tradies will also be popping in to finish up all the various PCI items.

If only we could get hold of our illusive air-conditioning suppliers to have that finished up too. Air-con has been by far the worst experience throughout this build, we’ve had to chase them up constantly and the outcome has never yet been satisfactory. They’re certainly top of our list of “things we’d change if we did it all over again” – oh the wisdom of hindsight.

Practically Complete

PCI was on Friday, the very same morning I had to fast for a pregnancy blood test. A pregnant woman without food…. *shudder*! P did warn our poor site supervisor that he may be unfortunate enough to meet the dragon.

There were a number of little things still to be fixed or finished, but thankfully they were just that: “little”. A door handle not straight, paint chips needing re-touching, the hob needs setting, a spot of sealant to do in the laundry, a couple of drains to be capped, etc etc.

Even the bullnose is back on:

2013-04-27 003

So now it all happens, the bank sends in the valuers, we set up all the utilities and insurance in our names, and just as soon as the bank is happy to pay the final bill, we’ll get the keys!

In the meantime our site supervisor is very kindly letting our timber flooring people in to get started or else they won’t be finished in time for us to move in. I can’t wait to see the spotted gum in situ.

Close enough to touch…

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is booked for Friday morning. We’re almost there!!

PCI is when the builders declare the work is complete “or all but complete” in accordance with the contract and the house is “reasonably fit for occupation”. Essentially it’s when we get to go around with a fine tooth comb and agree on a list of touch-up or repair items with our site supervisor ahead of final handover. All being well, we’ll get the keys ten days later!

The last couple of weeks haven’t been without their fair share of complications still; the biggest one being the hot water unit. Again.

It’s a long story, so I’ll save you the details and the pregnant-woman tears… tears that managed to scare our site supervisor from speaking to me, he only deals with P now – whoever would voluntarily deal with a pregnant woman at such a stressful time?!?

To recap, this is the point we thought we’d finally solved the HWU and AC positioning issue, then this is where the HWU was installed slap bang in the wrong place, well finally here is the punch line: our brand new roof-mounted hot water unit:

PCI 2013-04-24 049

Anyone want to buy a lo-line tank?

PCI 2013-04-24 010

As you can imagine, this was a worry and an expense we could really have done without. I’m only glad it’s finally resolved now though.

The next dramatic change, though thankfully far less stressful, is that the bullnose isn’t sitting right and is currently being rebuilt:

PCI 2013-04-24 056

Being a public holiday tomorrow, fingers crossed they managed to finish up today.

Everything else done in the last week or so appears to have been much more successful. And there’s a lot of it…..

Door handles throughout:

2013-04-19 009

Garage doors fitted – at the back:

2013-04-19 002

And the front:

2013-04-19 028

P’s precious server rack:

2013-04-19 003

Plus the security alarms and perimeter sensors all look to be finished (no photos sorry).

The linen cupboard has finally been fixed with the sliding doors and tile finish…

2013-04-19 033

…as well as the correct shelves:

2013-04-19 032

Drain grates are on (and still covered in white sticky stuff, but they’re stainless steel underneath):

PCI 2013-04-24 028

And all the towel rails and bathroom finishings:

PCI 2013-04-24 030

But prettiest of all, our oven and hob are in:

PCI 2013-04-24 008

By the time we get to inspect on Friday the whole place should have been cleaned throughout – can’t wait!

Oh and a wee postscript to the last post – unfortunately the paver delivery had known to be doubled in error, so our side path schemes may have to wait.

Light and bright

I managed to sneak back into the house again while the driveway was being paved. My excitement over light switches actually working left me so stunned, I barely noticed what else had actually been done.

Here are a few pictures of the downlights in all their electrickery glory though to get you just as excited:

Lighting 2013-04-12 007

Lighting 2013-04-12 028

Not even a fortnight since we confirmed paint colours and the painting’s almost finished!

Lighting 2013-04-12 041

Second loft fan is in:

Lighting 2013-04-12 037

The painter has also re-painted all the downpipes back to the off-white colour they’re supposed to be (as you can see there’s still a grubby eaves panel that needs to be painted, it recently got replaced due to damage):

Lighting 2013-04-12 066

Oh and of course I mentioned the fellas were there to do the driveway, so I’d best show you what they were up to as well.

Action shot:

Lighting 2013-04-12 068

Finished product:

Driveway 2013-04-13 010

Obviously needs a good clean, but you get the idea:

Driveway 2013-04-13 006

And strangely we appear to have more pavers left over than were actually used. I guess that might help determine our plans about what to do with the side paths:

Driveway 2013-04-13 004

Mirror Mirror

We met with the painter on-site today – working on a public holiday no less. We’ve agreed to have him paint the whole place in a base white – “whisper white”:


I had far greater plans of grand schemes, feature walls and complementing colours, but time and life just seemed to get in the way of finalising the details of those ideas, so for now, white it is. Paint can always be repainted.

Of course while we were there we had a good snoop around. It’s getting real close to being finished. To be honest it was one of those days when it’s hard not to be put off by all the little things we spotted that weren’t right, rather than celebrate all that was, but there was still plenty to see and show you.

The finished bedroom under-stair bulkhead:

2013-04-01 020

The air con bulkhead in the baby’s room is finally there too:

2013-04-01 013

The electricians had installed the rail lights and one of the fans (the second fan position still needs to be moved) in the loft:

2013-04-01 001

2013-04-01 003

And finally, officially the closest rooms to being finished now – we have mirrors in the bathrooms:

2013-04-01 011

2013-04-01 005

Right after those pictures were taken the rooms were cleaned too – bonus!